About Luv2Knw

Understanding your customers is the key ingredient of a successful business, knowing what they think about you, your venue and your products can give you a competitive edge. In all walks of business the need to be reactive and responsive have never been so important.

Operators need to be dynamic in their approach gaining opportunities as they unfold, having sufficient research into what works and what doesn't can keep an organisation on track and in turn retain happy and loyal customers.

Luv2Knw is at the very heart of these principles and it is our believe that we offer a significant step forward in terms of exposing customer feedback and opinions directly related to any business.

What is Luv2Knw?

Luv2Knw is a dynamic customer survey system that removes the need for the expensive production of customer feedback forms. Creating, printing and sorting can be time consuming and with our system these tasks are removed.

Using a smart phone, customers conveniently scan your personalised QR code from a poster or sticker at your venue, then they are automatically directed to your feedback service and can send you a response in seconds.

The systems is completely live working in real time so you receive important data as and when it is available. We have designed Luv2knw to be low cost and convenient against a conventional survey approaches.

You can design ‘own brand’ digital forms on the fly with our easy to use template system and add the system in to your website. You can motivate more feedback responses by implementing your own incentives, such as discount vouchers or competition entries.

With more than half of the UK now using a smart phone and analysts predicting that 90% of mobile users will have no choice but to own a smart phone over the next few years, we have built a system that provides a convenient future proof way to respond using these devices.


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